Malignant Monster

10 January 2005 admin 0

          This sinister collaboration of minds came to be at the dawn of 2003 when vocalist, Cain Cressall, and axeman, Jarrod Curley, joined forces to wreak havoc on modern metal. Both notorious [ Read more ]

The Uncreation

30 September 2004 admin 0

The Uncreation Interview Interview by Sam Gibbons – September 2004. Could you give us a brief bio and self-description of The Uncreation? The Uncreation was formed in January 2004 from the band that was Nemesis. We [ Read more ]


11 September 2004 admin 0

Avantgard Interview Interview by Sam Gibbons – September 2004. “Symphonic black metal” – Wiser folk than me have in the past pointed out allusions and underlying similarities between classical music and some expressions of black metal. [ Read more ]


9 June 2004 admin 0

In the early days of 1995 there was an eager cry for black metal to hit our scenes. As Impact Winter devoured everyone’s senses a couple of young axemen decided to stand up and deliver what [ Read more ]

No Image


4 March 2004 admin 0

  The Clouded Antiquity In 1999, Perth black metal band, Sacritual exploded onto the scene, developing a horde of followers and gigging relentlessly. But alas, the success was short-lived, as guitarist Zijl left the band to [ Read more ]