Vespers Descent

11 December 2003 admin 0

Vespers Descent recently launched their first EP “Three Faces of Eve” which has been accepted with much acclaim by fans and critics alike. This interview was done before the CD launch to be released as part [ Read more ]

The Furor

18 November 2003 admin 0

  The Rise of the War Machine The Furor began their advance in Perth, Western Australia, in September of 2002. Out of the ashes of their former bands, Louis Rando (drums/vocals – Pagan) and Nick Bell [ Read more ]


4 October 2003 admin 0

  Member Profiles:   DYLAN (guitars + backing vox) Dylan is a founding member of Nexus and is responsible for a good portion of the songwriting. Due to lack of funds, Dylan borrows gear off Geoff, [ Read more ]

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Opeth (Perth, 2003)

20 April 2003 admin 0

This was a gig that history told us was not going to happen. When Opeth's tour dates for their Australian tour were released, there was one very obvious ommission from the schedule – Perth. So rather [ Read more ]

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2 April 2003 admin 0

  Current lineup… From Right to Left in photo below: Lead Guitars – Mark De Vattimo Vocals/Keyboards – Daniel Estrin Drums – Geoff Callaghan Lead Guitars – Emanuel Rudnicki Bass – Jennah Graieg     Birth [ Read more ]

Maximum Perversion

7 February 2003 admin 0

Maximum Perversion Interview Interview by Jon Killmachine – January 2003. MAXIMUM PERVERSION: Big bunch of girly drop kicks that think they can play grind metal in the vein of early Carcass, Impaled, Napalm Death and Radiohead. [ Read more ]