Slayfest 2007

With Australia in a total international metal frenzy – and just when you thought – too much metal is never enough – Slayfest 2007 gets ready to kick off a huge weekend in Australian metal for the inaugural editions which sees the event take in Bunbury, Perth and Melbourne.

Slayfest 2007 busts into 3 of  Australia's best live venues to churn out  3  nights of pure slayhem, kicking off on Thursday March 8 at Bunbury’s Odessey Nightclub then, moving onto Capitol on Friday March 9 which will see 10 of Australia’s best metal and hardcore live acts gather to inflict all out sonic carnage on Perth’s metal thirsty minions.  – before finishing at Melbourne's legendary Corner  Hotel on Sunday March 11.

Heading up the event and performing on all 3 shows (Bunbury, Perth & Melbourne) will be Tasmanian lords of doom –PSYCROPTIC – who were last seen in Perth carving it up with Cannibal Corpse. Currently on tour with Deicide in Europe, Slayfest 2007 will be Psycroptics home coming shows where their ever growing legions of fans alie in wait for their trademark blastbeats and merciless guttural growls.

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