Vespers Descent / The Burning album updates

Vespers Descent Reality Dysfunction Vespers Descent have been out of action for a while due to line-up changes but they're coming back with a vengeance. They recently played at the Sovereign Studios sampler cd launch with the new members and they were sounding better than ever. People familiar with local thrash outfit The Burning would recognise Richard Clements on board now as the new vocalist, and drummer Ben Mazzarol (ex-Chaos Divine / Noctis) has injected a new level of energy and brutality to the Vespers sound. Keep an eye out for the new E.P. coming soon, entitled "Reality Dysfunction" – by looks of things it will definitely be one to check out.

The Burning The Living Dead Mentioning The Burning brings me to another update I've been meaning to do for a while. Though the band is currently defunct they recorded a 13 track album which they are planning to release, although not sure of when. The cover artwork done by Chris 'Savage' Bolton is awesome, and apparently the rest of the booklet is pretty amazing too, with different images for each song. Fans of old school thrash / death should stay tuned for more details.

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