Western Front Revamp!

You would have noticed Western Front has been down for a bit of time – I updated the followers on facebook with what was going on but for the rest of you, here’s the story. Some useless <expletive deleted> hackers had been putting malicious code on the site and as a result when the hosting company did their regular scan it was picked up and the page was suspended to prevent further harm. Each time I cleaned out the malware, changed passwords, checked security settings and get the page unsuspended, within a short period they were back.

So I made the decision to take the page down for a complete overhaul. Upgraded all the software and databases on the backend, and thought I may as well splurge on a new look for the front end at the same time. This whole process was a bit more long and arduous than I’d hoped but here we are, back in business! The forum is still unactivated at this time but will be up soon, so stay tuned.

Unfortunately, this all happened at the worst time – just as we launched the Western Front compilation album. I’m hoping any new fans of some of the Australian metal on the disc and curious cats will have checked out the facebook page in the meanwhile and make their way back here. All the tracks from the album will be put up on here soon available for free download.
Finally, thanks for your patience and visiting again, and long live aussie metal!