Impact Winter

Interview by Jon Killmachine.

One of the original black/death/army boot metal bands from the Perth scene – they are a four piece consisting of members SLUTBUSTER (guitar), CUNTFUCKER (drums), LORD HUMONGOUS (bass), and SVRT 666 (vocals). They’ve been fairly quiet lately but are assured to arise again in the near future to stab you in the brains with their music. SVRT 666 spent a bit of time to answer some questions in true drunken fashion.


1. Impact Winter have been around since the middle of the last decade and have had a few releases and many gigs since that time – however for the last couple of years you guys have basically disappeared (except for turning up to local gigs wearing school uniforms). What have you been up to?

SVRT666: Drunkeness, debauchery, sickness and imprisonment.

2. Does that include the plans for any forthcoming Impact Winter material – be it releases, rock star videos or stubbie coolers?

SVRT666: Whilst our main focus is always stubbie coolers, we will be recording in February 2003, although whether that is for a release is as yet unknown.

3. Your previous releases “All Christian Must Die”, “Destroy the World” and “hellvomitingdarkinsanity” have all had fairly different productions. What sort of sound are you aiming for with this recording?

SVRT666: A bit more produced than “Destroy theWorld”, but not to the point where it makes us sound like homosexuals. The basic aim is to sound like millions of rare and tasty animals being crushed under our boots and shovels. Shovels are evil.

4. Right. I think you’ll find that shovels are Kv17. Do you have any plans for any gigs coming up; definite or loosely planned? If so, do you think you’ll be able to find all of your band members for them?

SVRT666: There is a plan to gig in February that at least Cuntfucker has agreed to; its up to us to locate the others before then, or maybe just somehow lure them to the gigging area with the promise of beer, tits and shovels. For those reading who don’t know, the question is a reference to the Destroyer 666 replacement gig that we could not play as we had no idea where the other guys were, although that did not stop us being listed on the bill.

5. There’s been talk and even evidence that one or more of you have been involved in other projects (musicial and other) – any comments?

SVRT666: I have seen this ‘evidence’ you speak of and can assure you that despite all appearances I am, in fact, not doing vocals for Pathogen. I am however fairly good friends with J.Morghen of Hated by Humanity, meaning of course that I hate him and all other living things for that matter because I am of course a genocidal and evil black metal shovel merchant.

6. There isn’t a mention of Centaur in there – do you not hold this band very highly, even if you have been their vocalist for some time?

SVRT666: That is not me. That is my ‘good twin’.

7. A lot of people don’t like your vocals in Impact Winter. What don’t you give?

SVRT666: A fuck.

8. Sabnak leaving the band is old news now, but since that time there hasn’t been a gig with your new bassist ‘Lord Humongous’. Who is this man, will he be playing your next gig and is there any relation between him and any of your past members from Impact Winter?

SVRT666: Lord Humongous is frequently busy patrolling the wasteland in search of petrol and gay boy bikers, thus getting him to gig can be a chore. There is absolutely no relation between him and our old guitarist Baylor. There is at least one lie in the previous sentence.

9. If people want any more information about your releases, upcoming gigs/recordings, advice on which goonbag is the best value for money or just want to contact your band, how do we?