Answers to questions of PAIN!

1) Ya inta bands like Sword, Meliah Rage, and Mekong Delta? What are some of your strongest influences both musically and in general? What about Zappa?

THEO: “Nana Mouskourie eats those bands for breakfast! I am inta Inta.”
MARK: “Didn’t she screw all those guys in Sword? Zappa is my Father. I inta Sabbath, KISS, Motorhead, Vai, Misfits,Purple, Zeppelin, GBH. Too many to name.”
STEVIE: “Any music thats creates feelings of murder. Me inta Type O, Motorhead, Misfits, Miles Davis, SRV, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Meathook Seed. Basically bands that CRUSH other bands.”
MARK: “Ditto.”

2) Theo, rumour has it that you’re a man with a particular fetish for the more rubenesque woman with abnormally large wally jumblatts. Would you care to take this opportunity to either confirm or deny the rumours that you are fat-titty-fun lover? 🙂

THEO: “I face jail if I answer that.”
MARK: ” He means yes.”

3) Tony Steel, your number 1 fan and dedicated roadie is often heard to tell tale of old glories, harking back to the days of the the Macedon Phallanx and the unrivalled victories of the mighty conquerer Alexander. Do you think it is his knowledge of the ancient, forgotten ways or his ability to load drums and amps on and off the stage in under 30 seconds that will get him a mention in the thanks list of your upcoming cd release?

MARK: “Look man, Tony Steel is a legend unto himself. His will be the ONLY name to appear! Plus he is a murderer. We like that.”
THEO: “Tony Steel is the only human allowed to touch! er, i mean Drums!”
STEVIE: “As long as he plasters my house.”

4) You have played one off gigs under a number of different psuedonyms over the years, such as ‘Darklord’ and most recently ‘Conveniences and meals <–‘. What are the reasons for this and do you have any other names in mind that you might play under?

MARK: “Because we have been banned from some places and it’s the only way to get back in!”
ALL: “How about this – Manure, Lung, The Three Stooges, The Mark De Vattimo Expiriments, The Ongerezos Factor, Vella Parking Co., Unholy Laundry Chute, Knifed in the Head, Norklebeast, Hammerhead.”
STEVIE: “Stomach Pump.”
MARK: “Priest Vomit.”
THEO: “Vibrations.”
MARK: “Thats fucked..”

5) You have revamped a number of your older songs such as ‘Elph’, ‘Steamroller’ and ‘Rats’, incorporating both well known riffs as well as short passages where you completely change style (eg blackmetal and thrash). What are your reasons for doing this and do you think you might be able to slip the opening riff to Forbidden Evil’s ‘through eyes of glass’ into any of your songs?

MARK: “Sometimes we get influenced by what we have listened to that day. As you can tell, we don’t listen to much Power Metal or Rap!”
THEO: “Speak for yourself.”
MARK: “Forbidden are legendary, we can’t tell you when we play stuff, we just do it.”
STEVIE: “We always wanna make ’em better.”
MARK: “Imagine playing ‘Paranoid’ for thirty years? No disrespect to Oz and co. but, you know, revamping is a good way to stay fresh. Plus no two of our shows are the same (a fact that we are proud of) ,therefore you’d better not stay home when we play ‘cos you might miss out on a country and western version of STEAMROLLER! CONFUSION? VERTIGO sounds much better. It’s not so squashy sounding.”

6) Question gone M.I.A. If anyone has any details on the whereabouts of question 6 please call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000

7) Stevie is an excessively hairy man. Did this have any influence in the conception of your awesome new song ‘Planet of the apes’? Give us an idea in regards to the background of this song as well as a few details of any other new songs you have in the works.

MARK: “I am a big fan of Cornelius and Co.’Take your greasy hand of me you damn stinkin’ Greek! I long for the day when I am to be dominated by apes!”
STEVIE: “Don’t fuck with me or I’ll drag you thru’ the treetops.”
THEO: “Give me a banana..”
MARK: “Is that a pelvic banana?”

8) Rumour has it that you might be looking to get a second guitarist into the band. If so, what type of person would you be looking for and would best suit the position? Ever considered Black Steel’s Andy Di Stefano to keep the lineup southern European and to eliminate any derogatory kraut/pole influences? Hows about Andy Eftichou from Mortal Sin?

STEVIE: “Chuck Schudiner/Brad Gillis.”
MARK: “They must be hairy and look like Kane Roberts. We need more muscle in this outfit. Actually we are in closed-doors- negotiations with a guy who used to be with us in the beginning. Will keep you posted.”
THEO: “Paul Stanley.”
MARK: “That’s fucked…”
STEVIE: “Ted Nugent.”
THEO: “Wolf Hoffman from Accept.”
STEVIE: “Tommy Emmanuel.”
MARK: “He’s WEAK!”

9) Marco, You have had a number of stints in other bands such as Pathogen, Voyager and the infamous Corpsedeth. How do you think your time with these bands has developed you as a musician and what influences if any have they had in the ‘Nauts new material? Has Mannys love of seasoned Leather and Nefiles addiction to Rice Custard had any negative affect on you?

(THEO leaves the room in search of the next question)
MARK: “Well, I have learned a lot from screwing around PSYCHONAUTs back. Working with Nephil is great because he brings out the musician in you. Plus he brings biscuits to rehearsals. Playing with Pathogen also helped me in the recording of the soon to be released Voyager lp. Aiden introduced me to different picking rhythms so that helped a lot. Plus he has a gun to my head at the moment..”

10) Are kebabs (and metal) a way of life?

THEO: “They are the life blood of my brains.”
STEVIE: “I love eating a Kebab whilst riding flat out down the freeway on my motorbike.”
MARK: “At three in the morning they are!”

11) Finally….why for you play da rock’a’roll so loud eh? You drive mamma crazy with da noises!

MARK: “Because we are slowly going deaf.”
THEO: “Because all men play on Eleven. Plus to hide all the fuckups!”
STEVIE: “I AM deaf.”
MARK: “Amps are for noise pollution and nuthin’ else. We want you encase you in sound and kill you because we believe that sells more albums. VENOM anyone?”