Created –                                       3059

vella – screeches and bass                  69228712
the theo – drums and foodstuffs            879669
mr.d – guitars and screams                  5226841435


Some collective influences-

Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, Purple,
Celtic Frost, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate,
Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Steve Vai,
GBH, Danzig, Misfits, Motorhead,
Type O, Emperor, Chuck Berry,
KISS, Kyuss, Slayer, WASP,
Impaled Nazarene, Rotting Christ,
Scorpions, Morbid Angel, Cathedral,
Deicide, Obituary, SOD, MOD,
Mayhem, Marduk, VoiVod, Venom,
The Who, Priest, Helloween, Psychonaut.


Psychonaut Gallery (best enjoyed with sound turned up)


Lyrics are primarily about movies and books.
Movie influences-

Eraserhead, Clockwork Orange,
Planet of the Apes, Star Wars,
Hellraiser, Exorcist, Salems Lot,
Jaws, Lost Highway, Rosemarys Baby,
Evil Dead, Brain Dead, Duel, Eyes Wide Shut,
Children of the Corn, An American Werewolf in London,
Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver,
Blair Witch Project, 200 Motels (Zappa), King Kong,
Scarface, Psycho, From Hell, The Warriors,
Mad Max 1 & 2, Omega Man, Ben Hur,
Dusk 'til Dawn, The Lost Boys, Teen Wolf,
Enter the Dragon, Silence of the Lambs.


Soon to be released cd. Some album titles include-

Interstellar Overdrive
Monkey Planet
Interspecies Mongoloids


Click HERE for an album preview!


Some previous members-

Nephil – Nachtimmel, Voyager, Corpsedeath
Steve Hidden – for quite a while. may see him again soon if negotiations go well
Manny – for one day
Tony Steel – 1 second


Current set list –

Dark Lord
Rosemarys Baby
The Witch
The Apes
Old Blood Rivers


Works in progress –

Scarface (say hello to my little friend)
Frankenstein Lives!
Greek Nightmare
Help! Its Hot In Here (Buried Alive)!
Stadium of Death
Cannibalism (Kill The Vegan)
Guitar Hell




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