The Furor

18 November 2003 admin 0

  The Rise of the War Machine The Furor began their advance in Perth, Western Australia, in September of 2002. Out of the ashes of their former bands, Louis Rando (drums/vocals – Pagan) and Nick Bell [ Read more ]


4 October 2003 admin 0

  Member Profiles:   DYLAN (guitars + backing vox) Dylan is a founding member of Nexus and is responsible for a good portion of the songwriting. Due to lack of funds, Dylan borrows gear off Geoff, [ Read more ]

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2 April 2003 admin 0

  Current lineup… From Right to Left in photo below: Lead Guitars – Mark De Vattimo Vocals/Keyboards – Daniel Estrin Drums – Geoff Callaghan Lead Guitars – Emanuel Rudnicki Bass – Jennah Graieg     Birth [ Read more ]

Maximum Perversion

7 February 2003 admin 0

Maximum Perverts: Jason: Gonad Guitars and Pornographic Lubrications Jon: Goiter Guitars and Ruptured lower-intestine growls Daniel: Bum Drums and Blistered, red-raw-throat yells Andrew: Face Bass and Psychopathic-teen-screams   Pornography: Hidden link number 1 – Maximum [ Read more ]


6 November 2002 admin 0

  Member Profiles:   Robert Hartley – lead guitar/vocals One of the founders of the band who abuses a Jackson flying–v guitar with a Marshall JCM 200 series and boss pedals to match. Rob is the [ Read more ]

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12 June 2002 admin 0

    BIOGRAPHY Members (From left to right): Paul Cooper: Guitars Wade Dunstan: Bass Simone Dow: Guitars Ryan Smith: Vocals     The History of SCOURGE The formation of Scourge can be traced back to a [ Read more ]